Pilatus Cup

Willkommen – Benvenuti

Bienvenue – Welcome


to the


6th Pilatuscup, 13th to 15th January 23, Lucerne

>>> attention <<<

men at work around the ice rink.


follow the signage.

Der Eisklub Luzern heisset alle Läufer:innen, Trainer:innen und Funktionäre zur 6. Ausgabe des Pilatuscups herzlich willkommen und wünscht Euch einen angenehmen Aufenthalt in Luzern.


Wir freuen uns auf einen erfolgreichen Wettkampf und drücken allen fest die Daumen!

The Eisklub Luzern welcomes all skaters, coaches and officials to the 6th edition of the Pilatuscup and wishes you a pleasant stay at Lucerne.


We are looking forward to a successful competition. Let’s keep fingers crossed!


Here we provide you with the official announcement for the Pilatuscup.


Registration goes via the official membership system of SIS. Please notice that we were graced with an enormous number of participants and had to close the registration system early. The available ice times are already overbooked and we can no longer accept additional athletes.


Afterwards, the participants (or the clubs by declaring their athletes) are requested to pay the entry fee by 25 November 2022 directly via our webshop using the links here. Do not use IBAN or other payment methods.


Your stay at lucerne

A warm welcome to all athletes, parents, trainers and relatives to lucerne. We wish you a pleasant journey to lucerne and a marvelous stay in our lovely city.


Beside the pilatuscup, various attractions and a surprising countryside await you. Take the chance to have a great time here.




Eisklub Luzern
Eisfeldstrasse 2, 6005 Luzern


by car from the south

Motorway A2: Exit 27 (Luzern / Kriens)


by car from the north

Motorway A2: Exit 26 (Luzern)


by public transport from the main station

Bus 6 (Matthof)
Bus 7 (Biregghof)
Bus 8 (Hirtenhof)

Lea shows you the way to the woman wardrobe

Tim shows you the way to the man wardrobe

Please. Access to the ice rink only for athletes, trainers, panel and staff.


This picture shows you the way to the ranking ceremony. Good luck!


cup start and results lists

Here already the link to the SIS server, where the start and results lists will be published later on.



We are happy to have Nicole and Max at the Pilatuscup, two great fotographer professionals.


See here beside the link to buy pictures of the runs.


many thanks to the staff

Work is already in progress and the EKL board would like to thank all the staff for the great support already now! We are very happy to have you in our pilatuscup team. Such a hughe event wasn’t possible without you! Absolutely gorgeous this year!