Ice Skating Jacket Development

How it began 2022-03

2021-11. Only few club jackets were left, so the EKL board intended to order new ones. We need two kind of jackets – a light one for the pro skaters and a warm one for normal skaters. But bad luck for us, because the old supplier has gone and handed over all his customers to a new supplier.


The new supplier couldn’t deliver this kind of jackets anymore. Also this kind of fabric didn’t exist anymore – because a lot of companies stopped producing because of corona and finally closed their production at all.

Anybody there?

2022-04: We were seeking for a new supplier and mailed and called all well known companies around Europe.


But none of them was eager producing this kind of individial printed jackets for a small club in Switzerland.

Yes, there is!

2022-05: So we have to do it ourselves. The goal is to develop an ideal jacket for ice skating, a jacket especially designed for this sport. We collected ideas and with them, we went to local companies that might be interested in producing something new.


How we were lucky to find Couture K.I.D.S. Joanne, one of the owners, is a tailor and with her, we designed the first version of a brand new ice skating jacket concept. With this concept in mind, Joanne started contacting suppliers in Switzerland, in Italy, in eastern Europa and even in Canada, but non of them was able to deliver that kind of quality.


2022-08: Totally frustrated we already thought about giving up. But digging deeper and deeper on the market, Joanne found Xamas, a joung french company.


We explained them the concept and Xamas produced a first testjacket. Now it’s EKL’s turn. The athletes from our Swiss Ice Academy put them on an went on ice. What a fun wearing the beautiful new jackets. But drawbacks again. The cut was not flexible enough, the printing made the fabric less warm, the jacket got stuck over the back.

We’ll gonna do it

2023-02: Next problem. The costs for such a jacket were exploding. The EKL never spent that much money for something and the board got nervous. We need securities that we will be able to sell the jacket.


So the plan was making a preorder system. We saw people were interested and on the annual general meeting, we could present the new test jacket as a surprise. The great feedback let us feel we can do it.


2023-07: Negotiating with Xamas and holding the price was intense, because the test jacket versions got better one by one, but also more complex with new clever details.


In November 2023, the supplier got nervous. So many hours of worktime and so much testing material has been spent already. It was time to sign the final contract and we did it.